'Abstract and Fragment'
'An Abstract of the History of England', with 'A Fragment of the History of William Rufus'
The accomplishment of the first of Mr. Bickerstaff’s predictions. Being an account of the death of Mr. Partrige, the almanack-maker; upon the 29th instant. In a letter to a person of honour (1708)
'Account of Japan'
An Account of the Court and Empire of Japan (1728)
Advantages Propos'd
The Advantages Propos’d by Repealing the Test (1732)
Advice to the Freemen of Dublin
Advice to the Free-Men of the City of Dublin, in the Choice of a Member to Represent them in Parliament (1733)
'Answer of Puteney to Walpole'
The Answer of the Right Hon. William Pulteney to the Right Hon. Sir Robert Walpole (1730)
Answer to a Memorial
An answer to a paper, Called A Memorial Of the Poor Inhabitants, Tradesmen and Labourers of the Kingdom of Ireland. By the Author of the Short View of the State of Ireland (1728)
Answer to the Proposal
An answer to the Proposal for the universal use of Irish manufactures [also known as A defence of English commodities. Being an answer to the Proposal for the universal use of Irish manufactures, and Utterly rejecting and renouncing every Thing that is Wearable that comes from England. (1720)]
'Answer to Unknown Persons'
An Answer to Several Letters from Unknown Persons
'Answer to Letters from Unknown Hands'
An Answer to Several Letters sent me from Unknown Hands
An argument to prove, That the Abolishing of Christianity in England, May, as Things now stand, be attended with some Inconveniencies, and perhaps not produce those many Good Effects propos’d thereby (1708)
'Autobiographical Pieces'
Autobiographical Pieces (PW, V, 187-208)
An Account of a Battel Between the Antient and Modern Books
'Captain Creichton'
Memoirs of Capt. John Creichton, Written by Himself (1731)
'Character of Harley'
The Character of Robert Harley
Character of Wharton
A short character of His Ex. T. E. of W. L. L. of I-------. With an account of some smaller facts, during his Government, which will not be put into the Articles of Impeachment (1711)
Characters (PW V, 211-238)
‘Concerning the Universal Hatred’
Concerning that Universal Hatred, which Prevails Against the Clergy
The conduct of the allies, and of the late ministry, in beginning and carrying on the present war (1711)
Considerations upon two Bills
Considerations upon two bills sent down from the R- H- the H of L to the H-Ble H of C------ relating to the clergy of I***********d (1732)
Contests and Dissensions
A discourse of the contests and dissensions between the nobles and the commons in Athens and Rome, with the consequences they had upon both those states (1701)
'Defence of Lewis'
A Defence of Erasmus Lewis or The Examiner (2 February 1713)
Dialogue upon Dunkirk
A Dialogue upon Dunkirk, between a Whig and a Tory, on Sunday Morning the 6th Instant (1712)
'Discourse Concerning the Pretender'
Discourse Concerning the Fears from the Pretender
'Discourse of the English Tongue'
A Discourse to Prove the Antiquity of the English Tongue
Directions to Servants
Directions to servants. By the Revd. Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D. (1745)
Drapier's Letters
Fraud detected: or, the Hibernian Patriot. Containing, All the Drapier’s Letters to the People of Ireland, on Wood’s Coinage (1725)
'Enquiry into the Behaviour'
An Enquiry into the Behaviour of the Queen’s Last Ministry, with Relation to their Quarrells among themselves, and the Design charged upon them of altering the Succession of the Crown (written June 1715)
Examination of Certain Abuses
An Examination of certain Abuses, Corruptions, and Enormities, in the City of Dublin (1732) – [known in another edition as City cries, Instrumental and Vocal: Or, an Examination of certain Abuses, Corruptions, and Enormities, in London and Dublin]
The Examiner: or, Remarks upon Papers and Occurrences (1710-11)
An extract out of a book, entituled An exact collection of the debates of the House of Commmons [sic], held at Westminster, Oct. 21st. 1680. Pag. CL. (1724)
Famous Prediction
A famous prediction of Merlin, the British wizard; written above a thousand years ago, and relating to this present year. With explanatory notes. By T. N. Philomath. (1709)
Four Last Years
The history of the four last years of the Queen. By the late Jonathan Swift, ... Published from the last manuscript copy, corrected and enlarged by the author’s own hand (written 1713, published 1758)
Travels into several remote nations of the world. In four parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, first a surgeon, and then a captain of several ships (1726)
Hue and Cry
A hue and cry after Dismal; being a full and true account, how a Whig L--d was taken at Dunkirk, in the habit of a chimney-sweeper, and carryed before General Hill (1712)
Humble Address
The Humble Address of... Lords (11 April 1713)
'Humble Petition'
The Humble Petition of the Footmen in and about the City of Dublin (in A Serious and Useful Scheme (1733))
'Humble Representation'
The Humble Representation of the Clergy of Dublin
Importance of the Guardian
The importance of The guardian considered, in a second letter to the Bailiff of Stockbridge. By a friend of Mr. St---le (1708)
Injured Lady
The story of the injured lady. Being a true picture of Scotch perfidy, Irish poverty, and English partiality. With letters and poems never before printed (1746)
The Intelligencer (1728)
It's Out at Last
It's Out at Last: Or, French Correspondence Clear as the Sun (1712)
Journal to Stella
JSt (1948)
Journal to Stella, ed. Harold Williams, 2 vols. (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1948)
JSt (2009)
Journal to Stella: [subtitle], ed. Abigail Williams (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009)
Last Speech
The last speech and dying words of Ebenezor Ellison, who is to be executed this second day of May, 1722. Publish’d at his desire for the common good. (1722)
Letter Concerning the Sacramental Test
A letter from a member of the House of Commons in Ireland to a member of the House of Commons in England, concerning the sacramental test (1708)
Letter from the Pretender
A Letter from the Pretender, to a Whig-Lord (1712)
Letter of Thanks from Wharton
A Letter of Thanks from my Lord W*****n Letter to the Lord Bp of S. Asaph, In the Name of the Kit-Cat-Club.
'Letter on Maculla'
A Letter on Maculla’s Project about Halfpence
Letter on the Fishery
A letter to a Member of Parliament, concerning the free British fisheries; with fraughts of a herring-buss and nets, and the harbour and town of Peterhead (1750, see note in Davis xiii.222 for publication details: not on ESTC or in TS)
‘Letter to a Member of Parliament’
Letter to a Member of Parliament in Ireland, upon the Chusing a New Speaker There (dated 1708, written 1710)
'Letter to Pope'
A Letter from Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope (1721) (PW IX. 23-34)
'Letter to the Archbishop'
A Letter to the Archbishop of Dublin, concerning the Weavers
'Letter to the Printer'
A Letter to the Printer of Thoughts on the Tillage of Ireland (in Some Thoughts on the Tillage of Ireland, 1737)
Letter to the Shopkeepers
A letter to the shop-keepers, tradesmen, farmers, and common people of Ireland, concerning the brass half-pence coined by Mr. Woods, with a design to have them pass in this kingdom (1724)
'Letter to the Writer'
A Letter to the Writer of the Occasional Paper (1727)
Letter to a Young Gentleman
A Letter to a Young Gentleman, Lately Enter’d into Holy Orders (1720)
'Maxims controlled'
'Maxims controlled in Ireland. The truth of some maxims in state and government, examined with reference to Ireland'
Letter to a Young Poet
A letter of advice to a young poet; together With a Proposal for the Encouragement of poetry in this Kingdom. (1721)
'Letter to a Young Lady'
A Letter to a Young Lady, on her Marriage (1723)
'Materials for this History'
Materials for this History
Meditation upon a Broom-Stick (1703, published 1710)
'Mechanical Operation'
A Discourse Concerning the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit. In a Letter to a Friend. A Fragment.
Memoirs, relating to That Change which happened in the Queen’s Ministry in the Year 1710 (written October 1714)
Miscellanies (1711)
Miscellanies in Prose and Verse (1711)
Miscellanies (1727-1732)
[referring collectively to Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, The First Volume; Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, The Second Volume; Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, The Last Volume (1727); and Miscellanies, The Third Volume (1732)]
'Modest Defence'
A Modest Defence of Punning
A modest proposal for preventing the children of poor people from being a burthen to their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the publick (1729)
Mr Collins’s Discourse
Mr. C-Ns’s discourse of free-thinking, put into plain English, by way of abstract, for the use of the poor. By a friend of the author. (1713)
New Journey
A new journey to Paris: Together with some Secret Transactions Between the Fr---h K---g, and an Eng--- Gentleman. By the Sieur du Baudrier. Translated from the French (1711)
New Way
The new way of selling places at Court. In a letter from a small courtier to a great stock-jobber (1712)
'Observations on the Case'
Observations Occasion'd by reading a Paper, Entitled The Case of the Woollen Manufacturers etc.
'Of Mean and Great Figures'
Of Mean and Great Figures
'Of Publick Absurdityes'
Of Publick Absurdityes in England
‘On The Bill’
On the Bill for the Clergy’s Residing on Their Livings
Polite Conversation
A complete collection of genteel and ingenious conversation, according to the most polite mode and method now used at court, ... In three dialogues. By Simon Wagstaff, Esq; (1738)
Predictions for 1708
Predictions for the year 1708. Wherein the month and day of the month are set down, ... Written to prevent the people of England from being further impos’d on by vulgar almanack-makers. By Isaac Bickerstaff Esq; (1708)
'Preface to Mrs. Barber's Poems'
Prefatory Letter to Poems on Several Occasions by Mrs. Barber (1734)
‘Preface to Sarum'
A Preface to the Bishop of Sarum’s Introduction
'Preface to Voltaire'
Preface to Voltaire’s Essay upon the Civil Wars of France (1730)
‘Prefaces to Temple’
Prefaces to Sir William Temple’s works edited by Swift (PW, I, 253-271)
Presbyterian’s Plea
The presbyterian’s plea of merit; in order to take off the test, impartially examined (1733)
A project for the advancement of religion, and the reformation of manners. By a person of quality (1708)
A Proposal for Correcting
A proposal for correcting, improving and ascertaining the English tongue; in a letter to the most honourable Robert Earl of Oxford and Mortimer, Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain (1712)
A Proposal to Pay off the Debt
A proposal for an act of Parliament, to pay off the debt of the nation, without taxing the subject, ... By A------ P-------, Esq; (1732)
Proposal for Giving Badges
A proposal for giving badges to the beggars in all the parishes of Dublin. By the Dean of St. Patrick’s (1711)
Proposal for Irish Manufacture
A proposal for the universal use of Irish manufacture, in cloaths and furniture of houses, &c. utterly rejecting and renouncing every thing wearable that comes from England (1720)
'Proposal that All the Ladies'
A Proposal that All the Ladies Should Appear Constantly in Irish Manufactures
Publick Spirit
The publick spirit of the Whigs: set forth in their generous encouragement of the author of The crisis: with some observations on the seasonableness, candor, erudition, and style of that treatise (1714)
‘Queries Relating to the Sacramental Test’
‘Reasons Humbly Offered to the Parliament of Ireland’
'Remarks on Tindal'
Remarks upon a Book, intitled, the Rights of the Christian Church asserted, against the Romish, and all other Priests, who claim an Independent Power over it. With a Preface, concerning the Government of the Church of England as by Law Established (1707)
Remarks upon a Pamphlet
Some remarks upon a pamphlet, entitl’d, A letter to the seven lords of the committee, appointed to examine Gregg. By the author of the Examiner (1711)
‘Repeal of the Test’
‘Some Few Thoughts Concerning the Repeal of The Test’
Seasonable Advice
Seasonable advice. Since a bill is preparing for the Grand Jury, to find against the printer of the Drapier’s last letter, there are several things maturely to be considered by those gentlemen, before whom this Bill is to come, before they determine upon it (1724)
The Sentiments of a Church-of-England Man
'Short Remarks on Burnet'
Short Remarks on Bishop Burnet’s History [no textual note in Davis, oddly]
Short View
A Short View of the State of Ireland (1728)
Some Advice
Some Advice Humbly Offer'd to the Members of the October Club (1712)
Some Arguments
Some Arguments Against Enlarging the Power of Bishops in Letting of Leases (1723)
'Some Considerations'
Some Considerations upon the Consequences hoped and feared from the Death of the Queen
Some Considerations in the Choice
Some Considerations in the Choice of a Recorder (1732)
Some Free Thoughts
Some Free Thoughts upon the Present State of Affairs, written in the year 1714 (1741)
Some Reasons to Prove
Some reasons to prove, that no person is obliged by his principles, as a Whig, to oppose Her Majesty or her present ministry. In a letter to a Whig-lord (1712)
Some Reasons Against the Bill
Some reasons against the Bill for settling the tyth of hemp, Flax, &c. by a Modus. (1724, 1734)
Some Remarks
Some remarks on the Barrier Treaty, between Her Majesty and the States-General. By the author of The Conduct of the Allies (1712)
‘Some Thoughts’
Some Thoughts on Free-Thinking
'Speech against lowering the Coin'
The Rev. Dean Swift's Reasons against Lowering the Gold and Silver Coin
A Tale of a Tub (1704)
[for the two collections of maxims if taken together, but we would recommend that you use the two abbreviations below where possible:]
'Various Thoughts'
Thoughts on Various Subjects, as first published in Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, 1711, PW, I, 241-245
'Further Thoughts'
Further Thoughts, or Thoughts on Various Subjects, first printed by Dodsley in Works, 1745, PW, IV, 243-254
‘Thoughts on Religion’
Thoughts on Religion & Further Thoughts on Religion, PW, IX, 261-4
'Tritical Essay'
A Tritical Essay
'Upon Giving Badges'
Upon Giving Badges to the Poor, Sept. 26 1726.
Vindication of Bickerstaff
A vindication of Isaac Bickerstaff Esq; against what is objected to him by Mr. Partridge, in his almanack for the present year 1709. By the said Isaac Bickerstaff Esq; (1709)
Vindication of Carteret
A Vindication of his Excellency the Lord C----t, from the charge of favouring none but Tories, High-Churchmen, and Jacobites (1730)
'Vote of Thanks'
Vote of Thanks by the House of Lords (9 April 1713)
'When I Come to be Old'
[Resolutions] When I come to be Old