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Note on Aristotle
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CUL , Hib.7.755.37
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An essay upon the life, writings, and character, of Dr. Jonathan Swift. Interspersed with some occasional animadversions upon the remarks of a late critical author... By Deane Swift... To which is added, that sketch of Dr. Swift’s life, written by the Doctor himself, Vol. , pp .
London, Bathurst, Charles, 1755.


Deane Swift was the first to print this character as a note to his Essay.

Deane Swift (1707-83) was doubly linked to Swift by family ties. His father, also Deane Swift, was Swift’s Cousin, the son of Godwin Swift, who had supported Swift’s education. He married Mary, the daughter of Martha Whiteway, also Swift’s cousin and one of the people who cared for him in later life. He was on good terms with Swift in the 1730s (Swift praised him in a letter to Pope), and in the year of Hawkesworth’s major modernizing edition of Swift, he wrote this Essay, an important biographical study, in response to Orrery’s account. Mrs Whiteway inherited many of Swift’s manuscripts, and Deane Swift was able to draw on this collection when he revised Hawkesworth’s edition of Swift in 1765.

Charles Bathurst, who was taken into apprenticeship by Benjamin Motte, the bookseller for Gulliver’s Travels and other of Swift’s official publications, in 1727 for the large sum of £80. He became a partner in the firm in 1734 and, after Motte’s death in 1738, he carried on the business until his own death in 1786. My information on Bathurst comes from the research of Michael Treadwell.

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