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A preface to the Bishop of Sarum's introduction
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ECCO BL , 488.a.27
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A preface to the B--p of S-r-m’s introduction to the third volume of the History of the reformation of the Church of England. By Gregory Misosarum,, Vol. , pp .
Dublin, Tompson, Daniel Henly, John, 1714.


This is a Dublin reprint of the first edition that came out under Morphew’s name. In addition to some minor revisions, there are changes to a list of those who talk the same language as Burnet: ‘Toland, Collins, Tindall’ becomes ‘Toland, Asgil, M . . . . th Collins, Tindal’. The reference is probably to Molesworth, though Faulkner supplies ‘Monmouth’ in his 1738 edition.

Daniel Tompson (fl. 1710-15) seems to have been a printer and a bookseller. He was involved in reprints of the Examiner and may have been a Jacobite. Henley (fl. 1710-15) may have had similar sympathies. He died in June 1714.

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