Abbreviated title
A famous prediction of Merlin, the British wizard
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CUL , Williams 387
Publisher and Printer
A famous prediction of Merlin, the British wizard; written above a thousand years ago, and relating to this present year. With explanatory notes. By T. N. Philomath, Vol. , pp .
London, Hills, Henry, 1708.


This Prediction was first published as a half-sheet by ‘H. Baldwin’ with an imprint dating it ‘1709’. This is a piracy by Henry Hills. The typography is exceptionally interesting. We are presented with what is apparently a scholarly edition, with most of the text as notes. The poem is printed in black letter. The appearance of the whole, with a woodcut and the black letter, is closer to that of the broadside and chapbook than a scholarly edition. As Harold Williams points out in his edition, various people, including Samuel Johnson, were tricked into believing it was a piece of genuine old verse and the typography was somehow regarded as original.

Henry Hills was a notorious pirate and a poor printer. In his poem to be prefixed to Bernard Lintot’s 1712 miscellany, John Gay writes of ‘Pirate Hill’s brown Sheets and scurvy Letter’.

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