Abbreviated title
A short character of his ex[cellency] T[homas] E[arl] of W[harton], L[ord] L[ieutenant] of I[reland]
JSA Identification Number
Teerink/Scouten Number
ESTC Number
Copy and its Location
CUL , Hib.7.711.5
Publisher and Printer
A short character of His Ex. T. E. of W. L. L. of I--. With an account of some smaller facts, during his government, which will not be put into the Articles of Impeachment., Vol. , pp .
London, Coryton, William, 1711.


This character was first printed in December 1710, as Swift refers to it in the Journal to Stella, vol. i, p. 115. It was printed in this edition by William Coryton in 1711. This printing here may be as close as we can get to Swift’s writing. There are a number of revisions for polish in the 1735 Works, though when Faulkner prints ‘in Ireland’ rather than ‘in that Kingdom’, he may be restoring a reading lost in this London edition.

William Coryton appears to have been a bookseller at the Black Swan on Ludgate Hill, but this is the only work ESTC lists as published by him. Perhaps he was a retailer who, for some reason, agreed to help with this controversial piece; perhaps he is a ghost.

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