Abbreviated title
A letter from Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope
JSA Identification Number
Teerink/Scouten Number
ESTC Number
Copy and its Location
ECCO BL, 1572/172(4) or Ashley 4945
Publisher and Printer
The works of Mr. Alexander Pope, In prose. Vol. II, Vol. , pp 9-19.
London, Knapton, John Knapton, Paul Bathurst, Charles Dodsley, Robert, 1741.


Edmund Curll had been tricked by Pope into publishing his letters in 1735, enabling Pope to publish an official edition in protest in 1737. This is Pope’s official follow-up volume, containing his letters to Swift. There is a footnote in this edition to say that Pope never received this letter from Swift and there are some very minor verbal changes from the other 1741 texts; Pope probably closely supervised this edition.

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