244 of her Age, twenty-six Years, had the most and finest Accomplishments of any Person I ever knew of either Sex. It was observed by all her Acquaintance, that she never sailed in Company to say the best Thing that was said, whoever was by; yet her Companions were usually Persons of the best Understanding in the Kingdom. Some of us, who were her nearest Friends, lamented that we never wrote down her Remarks, and what the French call Bans mots. I will recollect as many as I can remember.

We were diverting ourselves at a Play called What is it like ? One Person is to think, and the Rest, without knowing the Thing, to say what it is like. The Thing thought on was the Spleen; she had said it was like an Oyster, and gave her Reason immediately, because it is removed by taking Steel inwardly.

Dr. S———— who squandered more than he could afford, took out his Purse as he sat by the Fire, and found it was very hot ; she said, the Reason was, that his Money burnt in his Pocket.

She called to her Servants to know what ill Smell was in the Kitchen? they answered, they were making Matches; Well, said she, I have