THE following Discourse, as it is unquestionably of the same Author, so it seems to have been written about the same time with the former, I mean, the Year 1697. when the famous Dispute was on Foot, about Antient and Modern Learning. The Controversy took its Rise from an Essay of Sir William Temple's, upon that Subject; which was answer'd by W.Wotton; B.D. with an Appendix by Dr. Bently, endeavouring to destroy the Credit of Æsop and Phalaris, for Authors, whom Sir William Temple had in the Essay before mentioned, highly commended. In that Appendix, the Doctor falls hard upon a new Edition of Phalaris, put out by the Honourable Charles Boyl, (now Earl of Orrery) to which, Mr. Bayl replyed at large, with great Learning Q