O UR Party having failed, by all their Political Arguments, to re-establish their Power; the wise Leaders have determined, that the last and principal Remedy should be made use of, for opening the Eyes of this blinded Nation; and that a short, but perfect, System of their Divinity, should be publish'd, to which we are all of us ready to subscribe, and which we lay down as Model, bearing a close Analogy to our Schemes in Religion. Crafty designing Men, that they might keep the World in Awe, have, in their several Forms of Government, placed a Supream Power on Earth, to keep human Kind in fear of being Hanged; and a Supream Power in Heaven, for fear of being Damned. In order to cure Mens Apprehensions of the former, several of our learned Members have writ many profound Treatises in Anarchy; but a brief compleat Body of Atheology seemed yet wanting, till this irrefragable Discourse appeared. However it so happens, that our ablest Brethren, in their elaborate Disquisitions upon this Subject, have written with so much Caution, that ignorant Unbelievers have edified very little by them. I grant that those daring Spirits, who first adventured to write against the direct Rules of the Gospel, the Current of Antiquity, the Religion of the Magistrate, and the Laws of the Land, had some Measures to keep; and particularly when they railed at Religion, were in the right to use little artful Disguises, by which a Jury could only find them guilty of abusing Heathenism or Popery. But the Mystery is now revealed, that there is no such Thing as Mystery or Revelation; and though our Friends are out of Place and Power, yet we may have so much Confidence in the present Ministry to be secure, that those A2