103 SOME REASONS AGAINST The Bill for settling the Tythe of Hemp, Flax, &c. by a Modus.

THE Clergy did little expect to have any Cause of Complaint against the present House of Commons; who, in the last Sessions were pleased to throw out a Bill sent them from the Lords, which that Reverend Body apprehended would be very injurious to them, if it passed into a Law: And who, in the present Sessions, defeated the Arts and Endeavours of Schismaticks to repeal the Sacramental Test.

For, although it hath been allowed on all Hands, that the former of those Bills might, by its necessary Consequences, be very displeasing to the Lay Gentlemen of the Kingdom, for many Reasons purely Secular; and, that this last Attempt for repealing the Test, did much more affect, at present, the Temporal Interest