[i] A PROPOSAL FOR Correcting, Improving and Ascertaining the ENGLISH TONGUE: In a LETTER to the Most Honourable ROBERT Earl of OXFORD and MORTIMER, Lord High-Treasurer of Great-Britain.

It is well known, that if the Queen had lived a Year or two longer, the following Proposal would in all Probability have taken Effect. For the Lord Treasurer had already nominated several Persons without Distinction of Quality or Party, who were to compose a Society for the Purposes mentioned by the Author; and resolved to use his Credit with Her Majesty, that a Fund should be applyed to support the Expence of a large Room, where the Society should meet, and for other Incidents. But this Scheme fell to the Ground, partly by the Dissentions among the great Men at Court; but chiefly by the lamented Death of that glorious Princess.

To the Most Honourable Robert Earl of Oxford, &c.

My Lord,

WHAT I had the Honour of mentioning to your Lordship some Time ago in Conversation, was not a new Thought, just then started by Accident or Occasion, but the Result of long Reflection; and I have been confirmed in my Sentiments by the Opinion of some very judicious Persons,