In the Month of August, 1710, a weekly ****. The EXAMINER, began to be published. It was esteemed to be the Work of several eminent ****among which were reckoned my Lord B——KE, Dr. Atterbury, B. of R. Mr. Prior, and some Others. However it came about, the general Opinion is, That those Persons proceeded no further than to the first twelve Papers; after which, it seems to be agreed, that the Undertaking was carried on by the supposed Author of the four preceding Volumes, who began with Number 13, and ended at Number 44. For, although the Paper continued many Months after to be published, under the Title of, The EXAMINER; yet by the Inequality of the Performance, it was manifest to all judicious Persons, that the aforesaid supposed Author had not the least Share in them. Several of the supposed Author's Friends, who were assistant in correcting the foregoing Volumes, have done us the like Favour in revising these two Volumes.