3 Some Remarks, &c.

THOSE who have given themselves the trouble to write against me, either in single Papers, or Pamphlets, (and they are pretty numerous) do all agree in discovering a violent Rage, and at the same time affecting an Air of Contempt toward their Adversary; which, in my humble Opinion, are not very consistent; and therefore it is plain, that their Fury is real and hearty, their Contempt only personated. I have pretty well studied this Matter, and would caution Writers of their Standard, never to engage in that difficult Attempt of Despising, which is a Work to be done in cold Blood, and only by a superior Genius to one at some distance beneath him. I can truly affirm, I have had a very sincere Contempt for many of those who have drawn their Pens against me; yet I rather chose the cheap way of discovering it by silence and neglect, than be at the pains of new Terms to express it: I have known a Lady value her self upon a haughty disdainful Look, which very few understood, and no Body alive regarded. Those Common-place Terms of Infamous Scribler, Prostiture labeller, and the like, thrown abroad without Propriety or Provocation, do ill personate the true Spirit of Contempt, because they are such as the meanest Writer whenever he pleases, may use, towards the best. I remember indeed a Parish Fool, who, with a great deal of Deformity carry'd the most disdainful Look most prominent part of his Folly; but he was thoroughly in earnest, which these Writers are not: For there is another thing I would observe, that my Antagonists are most of them so, in a literal Sense; breath real Vengeance, and extend their Threats to my Person, if they knew where to find it; wherein A2 they