5 TO Monsieur Monsieur, AT *A Sea-Port Town in the Bolognois. ESTAPLE.


IDoubt not but you are curious, as many others are, to know the Secret of Monsieur P————, an English Gentleman's late Journey from London to Paris. Perhaps, living retired as you do, you may not have heard of this Person, th' some Years ago he was very much distingushed at Paris, and in good Esteem seven with our August Monarch. I must let you so far into his Character, as to tell you, that Monsieur P———— has signalized himself, both as an eminent Poet, and Man of Business; was very much valued by the late King William, who employed him in important Affairs, both in England and Holland: He was Secretary to the English Ambassy, at the Treaty of Reswick; and afterwards, to my Lords the Counts of P————d and J————y; and, in the Absence of the latter, manag'd, for some time, the Affairs of England at our Court by himself. Since the Reign of Q———— A———— he was employed as Commissioner of Trade; but the Ministry changing soon after Q———— A————'s A3