1 A LETTER To the Seven Lords of the Committee appointed to Examine Gregg.

YOur Lordships have, for these Fifteen or Sixteen Months last past, been treated by the Publick Writer such as say they are allowed, approved, and encouraged, by our Great Folks, as Rogues, and Riscalls, Cheats, and Villains, Enemies of the Nation, Affronters of the Queen, Subverters of the Constitution, and such as have been long endeavouring to destroy both Church and State. Thus you have been treated in common with the present General, the late Lord Chancellor, the late Lord Treasurer, the late Secret arise of State, and almost all that had any thing to do in what is call'd the late Ministry But it is but since the 8th of March, last past, that your Lordships in particular, have been compared to Murtherer and Assassines and exposed to all the Kingdom, as Men that would, by your Menaces, and Promises, and Bribes, have Suborned the Criminal Gregg to confess Mr. H. (now E. of O.) guiltily Corresponding with Her Majesty's Enemies, in order to the taking away his life. A The