q q This letter, which was published with an intent to throw the odium of a design to bring in the pretender on the Whigs, is preserved in the Lambeth Library, Num. 57-V-13.

S. Germain, July 8, 1712.

My Lord Wharton,

I Thank you heartily for your letter; and you may be firmly assured of my friendship. In answer to what you hint, that some of our friends suspect; I protest to you, upon the word of a king, and my lord Middleton r r Charles Middleton, the second earl of that title, and baron Clairmont, was secretary of state for Scotland from the year 1684 to the Revolution; when he followed King James into France, and was attainted by the Scots parliament in 1695. He married lady Catharine daughter of Robert earl of Cardigan, by whom he had two sons, John lord Clairmont and Charles Middleton, esq; who were both taken at sea by admiral Byng, in the descent which the French intended upon Scotland in 1708; but, by the Queen's orders, they were soon released, and died in France without issue. Their father was also aboard in that armament. He had also two daughters; lady Elizabeth, wife of Edward, son of James earl of Perth; and lady Mary, wife of sir John Giffard, knight. —"He" is one of the pleasantest companions in the world." Mackay. —" Sir William Temple told me, he was a very "valuable man; and a good scholar. I once saw him." Swift, MS. will be my witness, that I never 3