To the the NOBILITY and GENTRY of the Kingdom of IRELAND.

HAVING already written Two Letters to People of my own Level, and Condition; and having now very pressing Occasion for writing a Third; I thought I could not more properly Address it than to Your Lordships and Worships.

The Occasion is this. A Printed Paper was to me on the 18th Instant, Entitled, ARERT of the COMMITTEE of the LORDS His MAJESTY's most Honourable PRIVYUNCIL in England, relating to Mr. WOOD's ALF-PENCE and FARTHINGS. There to Mention made where the Paper was Prin??, but I suppose it to have been in Dublin; and have been told that the Copy did not come over the Gazette, but in the London Journal, or some her Print of no Authority or Consequence; and any thing that Legally appears to the contrast may be a Contrivance to Fright us, or a Pro?? of some Printer, who hath a Mind to make a any by Publishing something upon a Subject, which now employs all our Thoughts in this Kingdom. Mr. WOOD in Publishing this Paper would innate to the World, as if the Committee had a eater Concern for his Credit and Private Emonent, than for the Honour of the Privy-Council ??d both Houses of Parliament Here, and for the ??iet and Welfare of this whole Kingdom: For it