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 First edition (1728), printed, faithfully and just competently, by Sarah Harding in Dublin Introduction
 Reprint of first edition, with minor revisions, in Faulkner’s edition of Works (1735) Introduction
 Revised reprint of 1733 broadside, in Faulkner's edition of Works 1746 Introduction
 London Miscellanies edition, probably a reprint from Faulkner's 1746 Works  Introduction
 Reprint, probably of Miscellanies text, in Hawkesworth's Works  Introduction
 First printing of 1733 work, in collection edited by John Nichols (1789) Introduction
 Publication by Grant quoting a letter from Swift Introduction
 Reprint, possibly from Gentleman's Magazine, with some mistakes, in Faulkner's edition of Works(1763) Introduction