Abbreviated title
A short view of the state of Ireland
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CUL , Hib.8.727.4
Publisher and Printer
A short view of the state of Ireland, Vol. , pp .
Cork, Daniell, Combra, 1728.


A Short View of the State of Ireland was first published as a pamphlet by Sarah Harding in 1727-8. This seems to be a Cork reprint: ‘Printed for, and Sold by Combra Daniell, Bookseller, opposite the Main Guard.’ Daniell was a bookseller in Cork from around 1728 to 1734. All that seems known of him is that he published this pamphlet and had his Will proved in 1734.

The text shows no sign of revision by Swift, but follows Sarah Harding’s printing. Herbert Davis in the Prose Writings, vol. xii, p. 323, says it is of no textual interest. The printing (not necessarily, on an informed reading of the imprint, by Daniell himself) is accurate, though the product is quaint and scruffy. It suggests the popularity of Swift’s pamphlet and possibly the capacity of the Cork trade for printing material that was of wide political interest.

A text to be acknowledged rather than read.

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