Abbreviated title
A letter to Francis Grant Esq; on the herring fishery
JSA Identification Number
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Copy and its Location
CUL , Ddd.25.58 (5) (16)
Publisher and Printer
Francis Grant, A letter to a member of parliament, concerning the free British fisheries, Vol. , pp 10-14.
London, Spavan, R., 1750.


In his Letter to a Member of Parliament Francis Grant quotes a letter from ‘the late Dean Swift’. ‘I give it to you’, he says, ‘without the least alteration’. His printing is possibly as faithful as he claims; it certainly retains features of capitalization and spelling that are modernized in other editions of Swift in this period.

References: The Prose Writings of Jonathan Swift, ed. Herbert Davis and others, 16 vols. (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1939-74), vol. xiii, pp. 111-13, 222.