Abbreviated title
Thoughts on various subjects (Further thoughts on various subjects)
JSA Identification Number
Teerink/Scouten Number
ESTC Number
Copy and its Location
CUL , Williams 187
Publisher and Printer
Miscellanies. The tenth volume. By Dr. Swift, Vol. 10, pp 232-243.
London, Dodsley, Robert, 1745.


Dodsley’s is the first printing of this set of ‘Thoughts’, beginning ‘Laws penned with the utmost Care and Exactness’, though further thoughts had been added elsewhere to the original collection of 1711. There is some room for doubting how completely these thoughts are Swift’s and how much they depend on collaboration. This version contains an unhappy reflection on the death of a private man that is dropped from Faulkner’s Dublin edition.

Robert Dodsley was born 13 February 1703 and died 23 September 1764. In his early life he was footman to Charles Dartiquenave and others, but gained admission to literary society through his poems and plays. Pope set him up in business with £100 in 1735. He published for Pope and became one of the foremost literary booksellers of the century, publishing Akenside, Shenstone, the Wartons, Collins, Gray, the Annual Register, Percy’s Reliques, and his innovative collections of poems and plays.

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