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On the bill for the clergy's residing on their livings
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CUL , Nn.49.37
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Miscellaneous pieces, in prose and verse. By the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick’s, Dublin. Not inserted in Mr. Sheridan’s edition of the Dean’s works, Vol. , pp .
London, Dilly, Charles, 1789.


The autograph manuscript of this piece survives and is printed by Herbert Davis (The Prose Writings of Jonathan Swift). This Dilly printing is the first, and it incorporates the corrections found in the manuscript. So ‘Bishops as it were in particular meerly to advance Christianity among us’ is changed in manuscript to ‘Bishops meerly to promote Christianity among us, and’. The Dilly text has ‘bishops, merely to promote Christianity among us; and’, which shows modernization in capitals, spelling, and punctuation, while paying close attention to the manuscript, which may, of course, have been a later copy of the one Davis prints from.

Charles Dilly was an important and successful bookseller and a friend of Samuel Johnson. Johnson uses him as his example of a wholesale bookseller in his important letter to Nathan Wetherell about the way the book trade operated.

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