Abbreviated title
The accomplishment of the first of Mr. Bickerstaff's predictions
JSA Identification Number
Teerink/Scouten Number
[not in TS, cf. 495]
ESTC Number
Copy and its Location
ECCO BL, C.135.g.17
Publisher and Printer
The accomplishment of the first of Mr. Bickerstaff’s predictions. Being an account of the death of Mr. Partrige, the almanack-maker; upon the 29th instant. In a letter to a person of honour, Vol. , pp .
London, , 1708.


This Accomplishment is here first printed in a separate quarto pamphlet, without even the name of a distributor attached. Some small verbal changes were made in subsequent reprints in collections. The piece is laid out as a letter to ‘My Lord’ but there is nothing otherwise remarkable about the typography.

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