Abbreviated title
A new journey to Paris: together with some secret transactions between the Fr[enc]h K[in]g, and an Eng[lish] gentleman
JSA Identification Number
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ESTC Number
T5344 [
Copy and its Location
CUL , Williams 329
Publisher and Printer
A new journey to Paris: together with some secret transactions between the Fr---h K---g, and an Eng--- gentleman. By the Sieur du Baudrier. Translated from the French, Vol. , pp .
London, Morphew, John, 1711.


This is the first edition of this piece, published in September 1711. Morphew acted for John Barber, who was Swift’s printer and the financer of his publications in this period. There was a second edition, consisting largely of the same type but with some corrections. The copy recorded here has all Davis’s first edition readings, except one, which seems to be a variant. The printing is done professionally, with the use of italic to represent the speech and ideas of others, a characteristic of Swift’s polemical writing.

John Morphew was a trade publisher. He had been a journeyman in Edward Jones’s printing house and took on John Nutt’s business when Nutt took over Jones’s printing shop in 1706. He continued the publishing business until he died in 1720. He seems to have been the trade publisher the Tories preferred. His was a small business, employing only a woman and a boy.

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