[i] TO THE HONOURABLE House of Commons, &c. The bumble Petition of the Footmen in and about the City of Dublin.

Humbly Sheweth,

THAT your Petitioners are a great and numerous Society, endowed with several Privileges, Time out of Mind.

That certain lewd, idle, and disorderly Persons, for several Months pass, as it is notoriously known, have been daily seen in the publick Walks of this City, habited sometimes in Green-Coats, and sometimes in laced, with long Oaken Cudgels in their Hands, and without Swords, in hopes to procure Favour, by that Advantage, with a great Number of Ladies who frequent those Walks, pretending and giving themselves out to be true genuine Irish Footmen. Whereas they can be proved to be no better than common Toupees; as a judicious Eye may soon discover, by their aukward, clumsy, ungenteel Gait and Behaviour; by their Unskilfulness in Dress, even with the Advantage of wearing our Habits; by their ill favoured Countenances, with an Air of