EDWARD VERNON, Esq; the brave English Admiral, who, with six Ships only, took the Town, Citadel and Port of Portobello in America, in the Year 1739, from the Spaniards; having the British Fishery much at Heart, in Opposition to the Dutch, wrote a Letter to Dr. SWIFT, D. S. P. D. on that Occasion, to which the following is an Answer.

A Letter on the Fishery.

Dublin, March 23, 1734.


I RETURN you may hearty Thanks for your Letter and Discourse upon the Fishery; you discover in both a true Love of your Country, and (except your Civilities to me) a very good Judgment, good Wishes to this ruined Kingdom, and a perfect Knowledge of the Subject you treat: But, as you are more temperate than I, and consequently much wiser (for Corruptions are apt to make me impatient