The following Letter to the Provost and Fellows of the University of Dublin, plainly shews the Author's Friendship to Gentlemen of Genius and Learning, although unacquainted with them; but, soon after this, Mr. Dunkin was introduced to the Dean, who did him further Services, by recommending him to Dr. Bolton, Bishop of Cashell, who ordained him for Holy Orders.

LETTER XV. To the Provost and Senior Fellows of Trinity-College, Dublin.

July 5, 1736.

Rev. and worthy Sirs,

AS I had the Honour of receiving some Part of my Education in your University, and the good Fortune to be of some Service to it, while I had a Share of Credit at Court, as well as since, when I had very little or none, I may hope to be excused for laying a Case before you, and offering my Opinion upon it.

Mr. Dunkin, whom you all know, sent me some Time ago, a Memorial intended to be laid before you, which, perhaps, he hath already done. His Request is, that you will be pleased to enlarge his Annuity at present, and that he may have the same Right in his Turn, to the first Church Preferment vacant, in your Gift, as if he had been made a Fellow, accord- X4