163 LETTER VIII. To the Right Worshipful the Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs, and Common-Council of the City of Corke.

Deanry-House, Dublin, August 15, 1737.


I Received from you some Weeks ago, the Honour of my Freedom in a Silver Box, by the Hands of Mr. Stannard**Eaton Stannard, Esq; then Recorder of Dublin, and afterwards made his Majesty's Prime Serjeant at Law, in the Room of Anthony Malone, Esq; since promoted to the Chancellorship of the Exchequer.; but, it was not delivered to me in as many Weeks more; because I supposed he was too full of more important Business. Since that Time, I have been wholely confined by Sickness, so that I was not able to return you my Acknowledgement; and it is with much Difficulty I do it now, my Head continuing in great Disorder. Mr. Faulkner will be the Bearer of my Letter, who sets out this Morning for Corke.

I COULD have wished as I am a private Man, that in the Instrument of my Freedom, you had pleased to assign your Reasons for making Choice of me. I know it is a usual Compliment to bestow the Freedom of a City on an Arch-Bishop or Lord Chancellor, and other Persons of great Titles, merely upon Account of their Stations or Power: But, a private