2 are general, others confined to smaller Numbers, and others again, perhaps to a few Individuals; there is a Society lately established, who at great Expence have erected an Office of Intelligence, from which they are to receive weekly Information of all Important Events and Singularities, which this famous Metropolis can furnish. Strict Injunctions are given to have the truest Information. In order to which, certain qualified Persons are employ'd to attend upon Duty in their several Posts; some at the Play-House, others in Churches, some at Balls, Assemblies, Coffee-Houses, and Meetings for Quadrille; some at the several Courts of Justice, both Spiritual and Temporal; some at the College, some upon my Lord Mayor and Aldermen in their publick Affairs; lastly, some to converse with favourite Chamber-maids, and to frequent those Ale-Houses and Brandy-shops where the Footmen of great Families meet in a Morning; only the Barracks and Par-