The empty Bottles all uncleanable.

The Vessels for Drink few and leaky.

The new House all going to Ruin before it is finished.

One Hinge of the Street-Door broke off, and the People fore'd to go out and come in at the Back-Door.

The Door of the Dean's Bed-Chamber full of large Chinks.

The Beauset letting in so much Wind that if almost blows out the Candles.

The Dean's Bed threatn'ning every Night to fall under him.

The little Table loose and broken in the Joints.

The Passages open over Head, by which the Cats pass continually into the Cellar and eat the Victuals, for which one was try'd, condemn'd, and executed by the Sword.

The large Table in a very tottering Condition.

But one Chair in the House fit for fitting on, and that in a very ill State of Health.

The Kitchen perpetually crouded with Savages.

Not a Bit of Mutton to be had in the Country. M3 Want