A Man seeing a Wasp creeping into a Viosill'd with Honey, that was hung on a Fruit-Tree, said thus: Why, thou sottish Animal, art thou mad to go into that Viol, where you see many hundred of your Kind there dying in it before you. The Reproach is just, answered the Wasp, but not from you Men, who are so far from taking Example by other People's Follies, that you will not take warning by your own. If after falling several Times into this Viol, and escaping by chance, I should fall in again, I should then but resemble you.

An old Miser kept a tame Jack-daw, that used to steal Pieces of Money, and hide them in a Hole, which the Cat observing, asked, why he would hoard up those round shining Things that he could make no use of? Why, said the Jack-daw, my Master has a whole Chest-full, and makes no more use of them than I.

Men are content to be laughed at for their Wit, but not for their Folly.

If the Men of Wit and Genius would resolve never to complain in their Works of Criticks and Detractors, the next Age would not know that they ever had any. After