3 A LETTER From a Member of the House of Commons in Ireland to a Member of the House of Commons in England, concerning the Sacramental Test.


IReceived your Letter, wherein you tell me of the strange Representations made of us on your side of the Water. The Instance you are pleased to mention is that of the Presbyterian Missionary, who according to your Phrase, hath been lately Persecuted in Droghedah for his Religion; But it is easy to observe, how mighty Industrious some People have been for Three or Four Years past, to hand about Stories of the Hardships, the Merits, the Number, and the Power of the Presbyterians in Ireland, to raise formidable Idea's of the Dangers of Popery there, and to transmit all for England, improved by great Additions, and with special care to have them inserted with Comments in those infamous Weekly Papers that Infest A2