[i] The last FAREWELL

[...] is an accustomary Thing for those who unfortuneately end their Lives like me, to relate something of their past Life and Actions before they leave the World, and appear before [...] GOD, who is the Searcher and Judge of [...] whether Good or Evil; and as I am a Man and expect in a few Moments to meet [...] in the Face, where the Book of Re[...] will be laid open before me, wherein all [...] is Recorded, but I trust the Blood of the [...] Lamb my Saviour being innocently shed [...] will wash them away, the which I rely [...]epend on; and as I am now a Dying Man, [...] I have to Relate shall be nothing but the Truth. [...] was Born in the City of Dublin on or about the [...] of July 1690, my Parents when living were so [...]known in this City, that I need not give any [...]er count of them, only that they discharged [...] Duty to me while living, and their Death by [...] honest Endeavours left me a very handsome [...]re, which with the Blessing of God, I and my [...]y might have lived to the End of my Days [...]appy and contented; but for Want of the [...] of God in the Year 1719 I unfortunately be- [...] acquainted with some young Men who had no [...] Way of Living but by Robbing and Plunde- [...] and about the City of Dublin, some of [...] are now living, and others Executed for their [...]eserts on or about the 12th of March 1720.

[...] crimes which they all Dyed for they Justly [...]ed being the Persons who committed them, [...]e no reason to Publish the names of the Persons [...] was concern'd with me in several Roberies, on- [...] them to the mercy of God, hoping that he [...] own time may give them a true sence of their [...]nd folly before it be too late, the Roberies which [...]concerned in from October 1719 to January [...] were so many that I cannot give a true ac- [...] of them all, but leave them aside, and come [...]uaint you of my last misfortunes some small [...] before Christmas last for some reasons best [...] to my self, not for any Roberies that I com- [...]. I left my House and Family and took a pri- [...] Lodging, in with time there was a Roberey com- [...] on the Gravel Walk on a Captain, which rob- [...] one Elizabeth Gorden I believe by the perswasions of a Man in power in this City went before the Lord-Mayor and as I am informed swore that I and two or three other Persons in my Company committed the said robbery, which I now declare that Neither they or I had any Hand whatsoever in it, for which Mr, H — s made it his Business to haunt Night and Day for me, and also informed several Persons, that there was Twenty Pounds Reward for any one who would Apprehend me, so that I might be brought to Justice, for which Several People as well as himself made it their Business to look for me, but God knows how Innocent I was at that Time of Committing any Manner of Robbery whatsoever, but to avoid Dangers, I made my Case known to several of my Friends, who advised me to leave this Town, whose Advice I took, but Unfortunately I was concerned with another Person in taking Counsellor Sweeny's Mare, and brought Richard Otoway with me for no other Reason than to bring the Mare back again, when I had got to my Journey's End, but before that I had reached to the Place I design'd I was Apprehended in Clonmell, and from thence brought to Dublin, and try'd for the same which I now die for.

There was one John Lynham who was tried for a Robbery at Kilmainham, he the said Lynham was innocent there of for it was the above Mac. Cormack with an Other person who was with him that comitted the same.

I here Openly Declare that the Delusions of Women never brought me to this Untimety End; it was the want of Grace and the Delusions of the Devil were the Occasion thereof.

I freely and sincerely forgive all the World, which is a chief Direction in the Faith of the Establish'd Church of England, and Die in the same. having to more to say, I earnestly and sincerely Repent me of all my misdone Deeds, Begging and Imploring the Almighty God to Number me among his Elect, and that thro' the Merits of my dear Saviour I may rest with him in Peace this Night. To which I beg all good Christians may say Amen.


Delivered in the Presence of Grorge Derry, Clerk.

DUBLIN: Printed by John Harding in Molesworth's-Court in Fish-shamble-Street. For Elizabeth Sadlier in School-House Lane near High-street.