It is imagined, that be intended to make a large Volume of this Work; but as Time and Health would not permit him, the Reader may draw from what is here exhibited, Means to detect the many Vices and Faults, which People in that Kind of low Life are subject to.

If Gentlemen, would seriously consider this Work, which is written for their Instruction, (altho' ironically) it would make them better O Economists, and preserve their Estates and Families from Ruin.

It may be seen by some scattered Papers (wherein were given Hints for a Dedication and Preface, and a List of all Degrees of Servants) that the Author intended to have gone through all their Characters.

This is all that need be said as to this Treatise, which can only be looked upon as a Fragment.

G. F.

Dublin, Nov. 8, 1745.