387 A CONSULTATION of FOUR PHYSICIANS upon a LORD that was dying.

First Doctor.

IS his Honor sic? PrÆ lÆtus felis Puls. It do es beat veris loto de.

Second Doctor. No notis as qui cassi e ver fel tu metri it. Inde edit is as fastas an alarum, ora fire bellat nite.

Third Doctor. It is veri high.

Fourth Doctor. Noto contra dictu in mi juge mentitis veri loto de. Itis as orto maladi sum callet. [Here e ver id octo reti resto a par lori na mel an coli post ure.]

First Doctor. It is a me gri mas I opi ne.

Second Doctor. No docto rite quit fora quin si. Heris a plane sim tomo fit. Sorites Para celsus; PrÆ re adit.

First Doctor. Nono Doctor I ne ver quo te aqua casu do.

Second Doctor. Sum arso: Mi autoris no ne.

Third Doctor. No quare lingat prÆ senti de si re. His honor is sic offa Colli casure as I sit here.

Fourth Cc2