[i] A Famous Prediction of MERLIN, the British Wizard, written above a Thousand Years ago, and relating to this present Year.
With Explanatory Notes. By T. N. Philomath.

LAST Year was publish'd a Paper of Predictions pretended to be written by one Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq but the true Design of it was to Ridicule the Art of Astrology, and Expose its Professors as ignorant, or Impostors. Against this Imputation, Dr. Partridge hath vindicated himself in his Almanack for the present year.

For a further Vindication of this famous Art, I have thought fit to present the World with the following Prophecy. The Original is said to of the famous Merlin, who lived about a Thousand Years ago: And the following Translation is Two Hundred years old; for it seems to be written near the end of Henry the Seventh's Reign. I found it an Old Edition of Merlin's Prophecies; imprinted at London, by Johan Haukyns, in the Year 1530, Page 39. I set it down Word for Word in the Old Orthography, and shall take leave to subjoin a few Explanatory Notes.

Seven and Ten addyd to nyne, Of fraunce hir woe thys is the signe, Tamys rivere twys y frozen, Walke rans wetynge Shoes ne hozen. Then comyth foorths, Ich understonde, From Toune of Sroffe to fattyn Londe In herdie Thiftan, moc the morne To Fraunce, that evere he was borne. Than shall the Fythe bemeyle his Bosse; Nor shall grin Berris make up the Losse. Yonge Symnele shall agayne miscarrye. And Norways pryd agayne shall marreye. And from the Tree where-Blosums fele, Ripe fruit shall come, and all is mele. Reaums shall daunce honde in honde, And it shall be merye in olde Inglande.