2 in the whole Body, wherever the Executive Part of it lies. This holds in the Body natural; For wherever we place the beginning of Motion, whether from the Head, or the Heart, or the animal Spirits in general, the Body moves and acts by a Consent of all its Parts. This unlimited Power placed fundamentally in the Body of a People, is what the Legislators of all Ages have endeavour'd in their several Schemes or Institutions of Government, to deposit in such Hands as would preserve the People from Rapine and Oppression within, as well as Violence from without. Most of them seem to agree in this, that it was a Trust too great to be committed to any one Man or Assembly, and therefore they left the Right still in the whole Body, but the Administration or Executive part, in the hands of One,the Few, or the Many; into which three Powers all independent Bodies of Men seem naturally to divide; for by all I have read of those innumerable and petty Commonwealths in Italy, Greece, and Sicily, as well as the great ones of Carthage and Rome; it seems to me, that