297 A Relation of several Facts, exactly as they were transmitted to me from Ireland, about three Months ago, and at several Times, from a Person of Quality and Employment there.

THE Earl of Rochfort's Regiment of Dragoons was embarked for her Majesty's Service abroad, on the 27th of August, 1709, and left their Horses behind them, which were subsisted in Order to mount another Regiment to fill up their Room; as the Horses of Lieutenant-General Hervey's Regiment had formerly mounted a Regiment raised, and still commanded by the Duke of Ormond; on which Occasion the Duke had her Majesty's Orders only for as much Money as would supply the Charge of the Horses 'till the Regiment was raised, which was soon after, and then it was put on the Establishment, as other Regiments. But, that which was to supply the Earl of Rochfort's had not a Com- U4