3 The Humble
Of the Right Honourable the
Lords Spiritual and Temporal
In PARLIAMENT Assembled.
Die Veneris 10 Aprilis, 1713.

Most Gracious Sovereign,

WE Your Majesties most Dutiful and Loyal Subjects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament Assembled, Do, with the greatest Joy and Satisfaction, Return our humble Thanks to Your Majesty for Your most Gracious Speech from the Throne, and for Communicating to Your Parliament that a Peace is Concluded; by which we hope, with the Blessing of God, that Your People will, in few Years, Recover themselves after so Long and Expensive a War; And also do Congratulate Your Majesty upon the Success of Your Endeavours for a General Peace.

We never had the least Doubt, but that Your Majesty, who is the great Support and Ornament of the Protestant Religion, would Continue to take A2