WHIGS, &c.

I Cannot without some Envy, and a just Resentment against the opposite Conduct of others, reflect upon that Generosity and Tenderness, where with the Heads and Principal Members of a struggling Faction treat those who will undertake to hold a Pen in their Defence And the Behaviour of these Pattons is yet the more I laudable, because the Benefits they confer are almost gratis If any of their Labourers can scratch out a Pamphlet, they desire no more; There is no Question offered about the Wit, the Style, the Argument. Let a Pamphlet come out upon demand in a proper Juncture, you shall be welland certainly paid; you shall be paid before-hand, every one of the Party who is able to read and can spare a Shilling shall be a Subscriber: Several Thousands of each production shall be sent among their Friends through the Kingdom: The Work shall be reported admirable, sublime, unanswerable, shall serve to raise the sinking Cla-mours, B