[i] A Hue and cry after Dismal;
Being a full and true Account, how a Whig L--d was taken at Dunkirk, in the Habit of a Chimney-sweeper, and carryed before General Hill.

WE have an old Saying, That it is better to play at small Game than to stand out: And it seems, the Whigs practice accordingly, there being nothing so little or so base, that they will not attempt, to recover their Power. On Wednesday Morning the 9th Instant, we are certainly informed, that Collonell K-le-gr-w (who went to France with General Hill) walking in Dunkirk Streets met a tall Chimney-Sweeper with his Brooms and Poles, and Bunch of Holly upon his Shoulders, who was followed by another of a shorter Size. The Tall Fellow cry'd in the French Language (which the Collonel understands) Sweep, Sweep; The Collonell thought he knew the Voice, and that the Tone of it was like one of your fine Speakers. This made him follow the Chimney-Sweeper, and examine nicely his Shape and Countenance. Besides, he conceived also that the Chimney-Sweeper's Man was not altogether unknown to him, so the Collonel went to wait on the Generall who is Governor of Dunkirk for Her Majesty, and told his Honor, that he had a strong Suspicion that he had seen which the other, after some shuffling Excuses, confessed. The Governor then said, I am sorry to see your L—dship in such a Condition, but you are Her Majesty's Prisoner, and I will send you immediately to England, where the Queen my Liege may dispose of you according to Her Royal Pleasure. Then his Honor ordered new Cloaths to be made both for Master and Man, and sent them on Shipboard: From whence in a few Hours they landed In England.

It is observed, that the L—d's Face, which at best is very Black and Swarthy, hath been much darker ever since, and all the Beauty-washes he uses it is thought will never be able to restore it. Which wise Men reckon to be a just Judgment on him for his late Apostacy.