150 An Extract out of a Book, Entituled, an
exact Collection of the Debates of
the House of Commons held at
Westminster, October 21, 1680.
Pag. 150.

Resolutions of the House of Commons in England, Nov. the 13th 1680.

S Everal Persons being examin'd about the Dismissing a Grand Jury in Middlesex; the House came to the following Resolutions.

R esolved, That the Discharging of a Grand Jury, by any Judge, before the End of the Term, Assizes, or Sessions, while Matters are under their Consideration, and not presented, is Arbitrary, Illegal, Destructive to publick Justice, a manifest Violation of his Oath, and is a Means to Subvert the Fundamental Laws of this Kingdom.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to examine the Proceedings of the Judges in Westminster-Hall, and Report the same with their Opinion therein to this House.