To the Right Honourable the
Lord Viscount Molesworth.

By M.B. Drapier, Author of the Letter
to the Shop-Keepers, &c.

They compassed me about also with Words of Deceit, and fought against me without a Cause.
For my Love they are my Adversaries, but I give my self unto Prayer.
And they have rewarded me Evil for Good, and Hatred for my Love. Psalm 109. v. 3, 4, 5.
Seek not to be Judge, being not able to take away Iniquity, lest at any Time thou fear the Person of the Mighty, and lay a stumbling Block in the Way of thy Uprightness.
Offend not against the Multitude of a City, and then thou shalt not cast thy self down among the People.
Bind not one Sin upon another, for in One thou shalt not be Unpunished. Ecclus. Ch. 7. V. 6, 7, 8.

Non jam prima peto Mnesttheus, neque vincere certo
Quanquam O! Sed superent, quibus Hoc, Neptune

Printed by John Harding in Moles-
worth's Court
in Fishamble-street.