[i] written by the Drapier; and knowing how favourably that Author's Writings in this kind have been received by the Publick; to make the Volume more compleat, I have printed it as near as I could in the Order of Time.

The next Treatise is called An Address, &c. It is without a Date; but seems to be written during the first Session of Parliament in Lord Carteret's Government. The Title of this Address is in the usual Form, by M. B. Drapier. There is but a small Part of it that relates to William Wood and his Coin: The rest contains several Proposals for the Improvement of Ireland; the many Discouragements it lyes under; and what are the best Remedies against them.

By many Passages in some of the Drapier's former Letters, but particularly in the following Address, concerning the great Drain of Money from Ireland by Absentees, Importation of foreign Goods, Balance of Trade, and the