[i] The REPORT of the Committee of
the Lords of his Majesty's most
Honourable Privy-Council, in re-
lation to Mr. Wood's Half-Pence
and Farthings, &c.
At the Council-Chamber at Whitehall, the
Twenty-Fourth Day of July, 1724.

IN Obedience to your Majesty's Order of Reference, upon the several Resolutions and Addresses of both Houses of Parliament of Ireland, during their late Session, the late Address of your Majesty's Justices, and Privy Council of that Kingdom, and the Petitions of the County and City of Dublin, concerning a Patent granted by your Majesty to William Wood, Esq; for the Coining and Uttering Copper Half-pence and Farthings in the Kingdom of Ireland, to such Persons as would voluntarily accept the same; and upon the Petition of the said William Wood, concerning the same Coinage, the Lords of the Committee have taken into their Consideration the said Patent, Addresses, Petitions, and all Matters and Papers relating thereto, and have heard and examined all such Persons, as, upon due and sufficient No- tice, I