80 A LETTER to Mr. Harding the
Printer, upon Occasion of a Pa-
in his News-Paper of Au-
gust 1st,
1724, relating to Mr.
Wood's Half-Pence.

IN your News-Letter of the First Instant, there is a Paragraph, dated from London, July 25th, relating to Wood's Half-pence; where by it is plain, what I foretold in my Letter to the Shop keepers, &c. that this vile Fellow would never be at Rest; and that the Danger of our Ruin approaches neater; And therefore the Kingdom requires New and Fresh Warning. However I take that Paragraph to be in a great Measure, an Imposition upon the Publick; at least I hope so, because I am informed that Wood is generally his own News-Writer, I cannot but observe from that Paragraph, that this Publick Enemy of ours, not satisfied to Ruin us with his Trash, takes every Occasion to treat this Kingdom with