[i] Some Observations upon a PAPER,
call'd, the REPORT of the COM-
MITTEE of the most Honou-
rable the Privy-Council in ENG-
LAND, Relating to WOOD's

To the NOBILITY and GENTRY of the Kingdom of IRELAND.

HAVING already written Two Letters to People of my own Level, and Condition; and having now very pressing Occasion for writing a Third; I thought I could not more properly Address it than to Your Lordships and Worships.

The Occasion is this. A Printed Paper was sent to me on the 18th Instant, Entitled, A REPORT of the COMMITTEE of the LORDS of His MAJESTY's most Honourable PRIVY-COUNCIL in England, relating to Mr. WOOD's HALFLENCE and FARTHINGS. There is no Men- tion H