A LETTER to the whole People of IRELAND.

My Dear Countrymen,

HAVING already written Three Letters, upon so disagreeable a Subject, as Mr. Wood and his Half-pence; I conceive my Task was at an End: But I find that Cordials must be frequently apply'd to weak Constitutions, Political as well as Natural. A People long used to Hardships, lose by Degrees the very Notions of Liberty, they look upon themselves as Creatures at Mercy, and that all Impositions laid on them by a stronger Hand, are, in the Phrase of the Report, Legal and Obligatory. Hence proceeds that Poverty and Lowness of Spirit, to which a Kingdom may be subject as well as a Particular Person. And when Esau came fainting from the Field at the Point to Die, it it is no wonder that he Sold his Birth-Right for a Mess of Pottage. I