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 Stylistically revised version of this 1710 work in Faulkner's edition of Works (1735) Introduction
 Reprint of first edition in Miscellanies (1711), an early elegant collection of Swift Introduction
 Reprint of Miscellanies (1711) text in Swift-Pope Miscellanies (1727) Introduction
 Faulkner’s Dublin edition, here in Works (1738), is later than the London edition, but incorporates further authorial readings.  Introduction
 First, London, edition, based on Swift’s manuscript, but with different readings from 4_10_1 Introduction
 Individual printing from same setting of type as Faulkner’s Works(1738) edition Introduction
 First printing of this text, modernized, in Deane Swift's Works (1765) Introduction
 Careful reprinting in Faulkner's Works (1765) of modernized first printing by Deane Swift Introduction
 Stylistically revised version of John Harding’s first printing, in Faulkner's edition of Works (1735) Introduction
 First issue of Faulkner's first printing (1745), perhaps the most authoritative version of this work Introduction
 London reprint of Faulkner’s independent edition of 1745 Introduction
 Further issue of Faulkner's first printing, this time in Works (1746) Introduction