Abbreviated title
Reasons humbly offered to the Parliament of Ireland
JSA Identification Number
Teerink/Scouten Number
25 (6-7)
ESTC Number
Copy and its Location
ECCO BL, 1477.dd.48
Publisher and Printer
Political tracts. By the author of Gulliver’s travels., Vol. ii., pp .
London, Davis, Charles Woodward, Thomas Bowyer, William, 1738.


This is the first printing of this piece; it was reprinted by George Faulkner in the Works in 1746. This edition presents a fuller text than Faulkner’s, which omits a paragraph about Catholics losing their estates to rebels and schismatics, possibly because Faulkner was nervous of the content.

This work was printed by William Bowyer, Ledgers, 2601 (21 September 1738), billed to T. Woodward, C. Davis, and William Bowyer himself. Charles Davis (fl. 1723-1755) was a successful bookseller with a close association with Bowyer, and several of Swift’s works in the Bowyer ledgers are billed to Davis, Thomas Woodward, and Bowyer himself.

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